The PADcast / Episode #026: "The Green Room"

XL, Rev, & Matix recap the Echo Park Rising edition of Modern Funk Fest (sans Kevin Hustlehoff, who's getting bolder with his excuses for not coming to the podcast - or lack thereof!). From there, the crew gets deep into their music bag, with XL sharing a bunch of new music he's been listening to and letting that spark the conversation, which includes discussions about how rappers aren't cool anymore for blowing weed smoke around in music videos since it's legal, a little history on the Pasadena record shops that vinyl nerds might have missed out on, and a shallow dive on whether or not talkboxing is overdone in funk music (we plan to unpack this more on a future episode, things are sure to get spicy!).

Music featured on this episode:

Kool Customer (B. Bravo & Rojai) - Blackberry

Shiro Schwarz - Under The Moonlight


Denzel Curry - Cash Maniac (prod. Mickey de Grand)

N8NOFACE - Vegas

Adonis DaHottest - Early In The Morning (feat. Skeewbee D)

Adonis DaHottest - Daygo Stick (feat. B. Slade)

The PADcast / Episode #025: "Jim The Hoot Ridah"

We're gonna tell you from the jump: Rev wasn't able to make it again this episode, but we made up for it by reminiscing on some of our favorite Rev stories, including him diffusing fights because he's got nothing but love in his heart, and also starting fights for the same reason. If that's confusing you'll just have to listen!

The homie Danny aka Laker Dan joined us and we talked about all kinds of crazy shit, including:

- The trash environment that is going to see the homies perform at pay-to-play rap shows

- Lebron joining the Lakers (finally had to talk about it because Laker Dan was in the studio)

- Phones listening to you talk to your friends then showing you ads based on it

- Etiquette on sending women dick pics

This episode was fun and funny from start to finish. Plus XL played us a cut from his upcoming EP on ABC Records. Shout out to Austin Boogie Crew!

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - Digital Devils

The PADcast / Episode #024: "Smashy 62"

We started in fine form by going on a deep dive about the first Bone Thugs album "Faces Of Death," recorded under the group name B.O.N.E. Enterprise, for those not knowing. Important knowledge got dropped.

Rev went from camping to sailing on this episode - He missed this episode to take to the open seas for his birthday on a cruise, and we had plenty to say about it.

We talked about La Croix again. People like it. It's good. But why do we act like flavored sparkling water didn't exist before?

We addressed all the whiners talking shit about producers using Apple Loops to make beats. Let's see you produce a good track with Apple Loops, busters.

A little food for thought: It's harder to believe rappers claiming to pimps than claiming to be drug dealers or killers. We discussed in depth.

Music featured on this episode:

B.O.N.E. Enterprise - Flow Motion

Christine & The Queens - Girlfriend (feat. Dam Funk)

BlackWest, Gr8 Dane, Nico Corleone - Pimp Therefore I Am (prod. by XL Middleton)

Suga Free - Why U Bullshittin'

Trillville - Some Cut

The PADcast Episode #023: "Crickets"

The crew starts with a deep dive about ball deodorant & then discusses Rev's recent camping trip. Kevin gives it up to Jonathan Gold (R.I.P.). XL talked about the lies he told to get a medical weed card years before it was legal. The crew discussed giving fake ID's to Facebook so you can keep your fake name, and why more of this hasn't happened. Things get unexpectedly heated when the crew debates banks screwing people over with overdrafts. And most importantly, XL gave a sneak preview of his new single "Cool Minute," dropping soon!

Happy birthday Rev!

Be sure to check out XL Middleton & Matix aka Jonimal spinning all g-funk, all night for Summertime In The LAC (LA Chinatown) at Melody Lounge, Saturday, August 4th.

Music featured on this episode:

The APX - "Jupiter"

Kutcorners feat. Amalia - "The Finest" (Potatohead People Remix)

XL Middleton - "Cool Minute" (EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED)

Episode #022: Live From Zackey Force Funk / Bodyrock Shotgun Release Party

XL Middleton & Rev recorded this episode live from the release party for Zackey Force Funk's Bodyrock Shotgun at the Love Song Bar in Downtown LA. It's a quick episode - we had just enough time to get a few words from a few folks, including ZFF himself, as well as:

Kaiography talked about doing photography for Zackey's album.

Chris Keene gave us a few words about Sweater Funk and the end of their weekly parties.

Hotthobo talked with Rev about meeting for the first time a few years ago, and how Rev wanted to sign with Voltaire to put out his trap album.

Shout out to our Activate LA homies! We talked to them too but couldn't include it in the episode because one of the mic cables was going in & out.

Pick up Bodyrock Shotgun, out now on MoFunk Records!

The PADcast / Episode #021: "Out Of Curiosity"

XL Middleton & The Slacker Pad started this episode talking about the inevitable fact that brand-sponsored funerals are coming, and what fuckery would ensue if your tombstone had a screen on it that you could sync your photo library to. Rev discussed the new G-Funk documentary, lightweight, since the rest of us haven't seen it yet. Rev also explains to us why all-nude strip clubs are worse than topless-only.

We talked about various controversies, including more white people complaining in the Bay, Papa John's, and the Mayer Hawthorne / Souls Of Mischief / "Heiro" incident. Matix gave us a list of songs that HE doesn't wanna hear in the club anymore.

The crew went into a deep dive about what you might name your menu items if you opened a hip hop-themed sandwich restaurant. Corn levels reach critical height on this one!

Zackey Force Funk "Bodyrock Shotgun" dropping Friday, July 20th! Get it from and come to the release party at Love Song Bar in Downtown LA, also July 20th!

Music featured on this episode:

Gary Gritness - The Real Thing (feat. Morris Mobley)

Zackey Force Funk - Satis-Fakshun (prod. by Trailer Limon)

The PADcast / Episode #020: "It's A Shiss"

Guess who didn't make it to record the PADcast again? Shout out to Kevin Hustlehoff! We gave our review of the Summertime In The LBC festival even though none of us actually went. The crew tells some more stories from the old days, living at The Slacker Pad, drinking soda and passing kidney stones. Rev talks about why maybe not every rapper who people scream to "Free!" should necessarily be free.

The crew finally has a much-delayed discussion about songs they don't like that are considered to be "classics." Much hip hop blasphemy ensues. We had no idea Rev was such a big KRS-One fan. Who woulda thought? We found this out after he told us about the time he got kicked off stage after freestyling at Project Blowed. XL tells us about all the pro-Trump propaganda he witnessed while on tour driving through the rural Midwest. This episode's a fun one, which is cool because we thought it was trash after we recorded it!

The PADcast / Episode #019: "Checkmate"

It's amazing that it took 19 episodes to have an on-air conversation about our favorite childhood cereals but we finally did just that. Kevin Hustlehoff is back on the PADcast after befriending a crackhead and catching a ride from Matix aka Jonimal. We talked about all the creeps in Long Beach and gave our review of the Drake album. We also talked about the new Skillz album (compilation?) and played metal from R.I.P. (album mixed by our good homie Brian Ellis).

Will auto-tune be around forever? The Slacker Pad discusses right before going into a deep dive about Permit Patty, other white people calling the cops on black people doing things that aren't crimes, and gentrification at large. Getting back to the music, the crew reminisces on the audio pain of the Limp Bizkit era. XL complains about Snapchat filters & Rev complains about people going live on Instagram. Bitching about stuff has never sounded so fun!

Be sure to listen, this might be our GOAT episode so far!

Music featured on this episode:

R.I.P. - "Street Reaper"

R.I.P. - "Unmarked Grave"

Fevah - "West Coast Lovin"

The PADcast / Episode #018: "Faithful Flying Fist Of Fury"

We started this one off by vibing to some of the fresh sounds from the new Sven Atterton album...and ROASTING Kevin Hustlehoff for missing yet another episode! A lot of music got covered, including the forthcoming Moniquea release on Omega Supreme Records (shout out Gwizski!). We had to talk about the Nas album again after having some time to really digest it more, and to let Matix get his thoughts in (28:46) before going into the Jay-Z/Beyonce album (36:25). Gears shift abruptly to a discussion on XXXtentacion and things get a little more serious (RIP). The bigger picture at hand - How crazy is it that people feel the need to go on the internet and cheer over someone being murdered? We particularly had to go in on the double standard coming from 'real hip hop heads' on the subject. Naturally the conversation moved towards conspiracy theories - why are people so eager to believe in them? (49:49). XL drops his GOAT list (56:24) which somehow leads into a conversation about LA's most prolific direct-to-consumer artist/CD seller, Won G (57:30). Finally we discussed the new Chromeo album (1:27:48) which got mixed reviews from the crew.

Aside from music, we reminisced about chirp phones (22:45) and listened to Rev's theories on why there's heavy traffic in LA (27:04) - Here's a hint: Rev says it's because everyone is on their way to the club. Riiight. What's the proper protocol if your woman is beating you up? How do you defend yourself without crossing the line? (53:30). A short talk about parents brawling at a softball game leads into a deep dive on parenting culture (1:16:50). We tackled the subject as well as 3 guys with no kids possibly can!

Music featured on this episode:

Sven Atterton - Reunion

Moniquea - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (coming from Omega Supreme Records August 3)

Jay-Z - Change Clothes (XL Middleton Remix)

XL Middleton - Wintertime In Cali

The PADcast / Episode #017: "Slacker Padvertising"


XL & Rev handle this episode as a duo - We had to record on an off night due to last weekend's Modern Funk Fest so Kevin & Jon couldn't make it. We tried to be nice and not roast them for flaking, with mixed results! We started out with a recap of MFF (5:10) at Chinatown's Grand Star Jazz Club where we discussed the peculiar lack of jazz there. XL finally had a Lyft driver ask if he wants to hear his mixtape (11:16), which naturally leads into a fresh round of Uber war stories from Rev. XL & Rev listened to the new Nas RIGHT before recording the podcast so they offer their very fresh takes on the album (26:45). XL drops a stunning revelation about Star Wars (35:27) before launching into a 20-year late discussion about the "Suge shot me" moment on the Makaveli album (39:00).

We talked about the Jay-Z/Beyonce project/photo series (?) (40:30) and speculate on it with no real knowledge, because that's how we do! Rev brings up a classic Slacker Pad topic - should the only NBA players to get paid be the ones who win the championship? (45:06) We reminisced on some of west coast rap's weaker moments (56:11) and had a few laughs before pondering a more serious question - what if you could see all the alcohol you've ever consumed in one container? (1:11:35) The World Cup inspires Rev to go into a tirade about soccer and soccer fans (1:14:57). Considering that we were still recovering from Modern Funk Fest when we recorded, this episode is jam packed with jokes and musings on music and life!

Music featured on this episode:

Throwback Zack - Teezy's Groove III

Moniquea - All The Time (Unreleased, dropping June 29!)