The PADcast / Episode #037: "The Whole Crew Drinking Gatorade"

First PADcast of 2019! Kev finally got a chance to see Rev's neighborhood bar, the one he went to over 200 times last year. Yikes! Kev gives his review of this fine establishment at 1:30. We gave our reactions to some constructive criticism from a listener (7:38). Of course we kept it civil and exceptionally mature.

XL gave a little post-event wrap up on his Pop Lock Funk party as well as Modern Funk Fest DJ Summit. The crew discusses what happens when you bring your own alcohol to the club (10:30) and offer a few life hacks on how to stay discreet about it. We talked about that Bird Box movie in spite of the fact that only 2 out of 4 of us have seen it (14:52). Actually we focused more on the bigger picture, how using memes and social media culture to promote products is savvy but also annoying.

We tried to talk about our favorite albums from 2018 (16:50) but quickly realized that our now-shortened attention spans combined with the never-ending supply of great new music meant there was a bigger picture there too. We dove into current habits of listening to music 'passively,' and talked a little about how this gave rise to the era of instrumental/beat albums. After talking about what we did on New Years Eve, it became clear that we needed to address the feeling of being 'unfairly compelled' to party hard on NYE (30:26).

Music featured on this episode:

Bobby Nunn - "Cherry Pie" (Avant Garde Records, 2018)