The PADcast / Episode #038: "The Versateller"

Back like we never left, XL Middleton, Rev, Matix, & Kevin Hustlehoff & the homie..."Jimmy?" break down life's deepest nuances such as the great deception of Wienerschitzel, diploma mill colleges, and being old while putting out rap albums. Speaking of which, XL talks about his forthcoming g-funk project "2 Minutes Till Midnight" and plays a new track from the album. A lot of ground got covered this episode, even if it's debatable that the ground needed to be covered to begin with.

Music featured on this episode:

Brian Ellis - Bulletproof

Brian Ellis - My Favorite Song

Sven Atterton - Purple License

Koolade - Reminisce Sunshine

XL Middleton - Where We About To Take It (Salvation)

The Slacker Pad - Something In My Cup

XL Middleton - Coast Wit Me (feat. Mista Mil)