The PADcast / Episode #030: "Taking A Break From America"

Listen in as XL Middleton, Matix, Kevin Hustlehoff, and Brandon (taking the place of Rev who was out this week) talk about the future of the podcast itself. We wondered, why do we always talk about hip hop when we clearly don't know shit about it? Much of our 90's golden era knowledge has faded and we finally had the courage to admit it. Aaaaand then we talked about hip hop again. We wondered when the idea of rappers "selling out" stopped being a thing. XL actually found a Black Eyed Peas song he likes. We talked about why boxing culture is the worst, and why American sports culture in general is the worst. That led us into a greater convo about how and why American culture at large pushes the myth of what makes a "real man." Hint - It's more guns and football than integrity and kindness. XL's excited to get away from all that madness for him and Moniquea's Europe tour.

Music featured on this episode:

Max Kane & Trailer Limon - "Ego Death" (Omega Supreme Records)