The PADcast / Episode #029 (Pt. 2): "Fight Back!"

We're giving you a special two-part episode this week! This second half was recorded after XL got back from Portland and checked out the first part. He responded with his own review of Eminem's "Kamikaze" album. Did it really deserve all the praise that the crew gave it during Pt. 1? XL also breaks down the difference between serious creation and "elevated kick it sessions," where people come together under the premise of creating but are really more interested in chilling, drinking, and smoking. Where does one draw the line and where does The PADcast fall on that spectrum? As always, it's an entertaining peek into the mind of your favorite neighborhood modern funkster and the crew.

Music featured on this episode:

Polyester The Saint - "Can I Put The Whip In Yo Name"

G-Nof - "Partly Cloudy"