The PADcast / Episode #025: "Jim The Hoot Ridah"

We're gonna tell you from the jump: Rev wasn't able to make it again this episode, but we made up for it by reminiscing on some of our favorite Rev stories, including him diffusing fights because he's got nothing but love in his heart, and also starting fights for the same reason. If that's confusing you'll just have to listen!

The homie Danny aka Laker Dan joined us and we talked about all kinds of crazy shit, including:

- The trash environment that is going to see the homies perform at pay-to-play rap shows

- Lebron joining the Lakers (finally had to talk about it because Laker Dan was in the studio)

- Phones listening to you talk to your friends then showing you ads based on it

- Etiquette on sending women dick pics

This episode was fun and funny from start to finish. Plus XL played us a cut from his upcoming EP on ABC Records. Shout out to Austin Boogie Crew!

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - Digital Devils