The PADcast / Episode #019: "Checkmate"

It's amazing that it took 19 episodes to have an on-air conversation about our favorite childhood cereals but we finally did just that. Kevin Hustlehoff is back on the PADcast after befriending a crackhead and catching a ride from Matix aka Jonimal. We talked about all the creeps in Long Beach and gave our review of the Drake album. We also talked about the new Skillz album (compilation?) and played metal from R.I.P. (album mixed by our good homie Brian Ellis).

Will auto-tune be around forever? The Slacker Pad discusses right before going into a deep dive about Permit Patty, other white people calling the cops on black people doing things that aren't crimes, and gentrification at large. Getting back to the music, the crew reminisces on the audio pain of the Limp Bizkit era. XL complains about Snapchat filters & Rev complains about people going live on Instagram. Bitching about stuff has never sounded so fun!

Be sure to listen, this might be our GOAT episode so far!

Music featured on this episode:

R.I.P. - "Street Reaper"

R.I.P. - "Unmarked Grave"

Fevah - "West Coast Lovin"