The PADcast / Episode #020: "It's A Shiss"

Guess who didn't make it to record the PADcast again? Shout out to Kevin Hustlehoff! We gave our review of the Summertime In The LBC festival even though none of us actually went. The crew tells some more stories from the old days, living at The Slacker Pad, drinking soda and passing kidney stones. Rev talks about why maybe not every rapper who people scream to "Free!" should necessarily be free.

The crew finally has a much-delayed discussion about songs they don't like that are considered to be "classics." Much hip hop blasphemy ensues. We had no idea Rev was such a big KRS-One fan. Who woulda thought? We found this out after he told us about the time he got kicked off stage after freestyling at Project Blowed. XL tells us about all the pro-Trump propaganda he witnessed while on tour driving through the rural Midwest. This episode's a fun one, which is cool because we thought it was trash after we recorded it!