The PADcast / Episode #015: “Get The Numbers”

Kevin Hustlehoff called out sick again for this episode (nice job Hustling), and the Slacker Pad wasn't having it, in spite of his triple-pronged arsenal of excuses. After going in for a good 15 minutes, it was time to talk music. Yes, even old farts like us have opinions about the Pusha T & Drake beef. We also discussed the Kanye album even though not everybody in the room listened to it. Eh, you can piece together enough info from memes to make educated guesses on any subject these days. We covered a few current events too, such as Roseanne getting canceled and a bizarre story about a dude jacking off on a plane. We'll blame Rev for bringing that one up.

A few debates came up during this episode too, and the opinions shared may surprise you. The Chronic or Doggystyle? LA Mexican food or San Diego Mexican food?

We played another exclusive, unheard joint from the Zackey Force Funk album. Bodyrock Shotgun dropping July 20 on MoFunk Records!

Music featured on this episode:

Stimulator Jones - "Water Slide"

Koolade - "Reminisce Sunshine"

Zackey Force Funk - "Part Time Lover" (prod. by Throwback Zack) EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED