The PADcast / Episode #014: “All These Mumble Rappers”

The title of this week's episode centers around making fun of people in our 'old fart' age range (mid 30's that is) who sit on social media complaining about new music, with special regard to trap/mumble rap. We cover a lot of other ground too, including a wide range of music, from Pusha T & Black Thought to new joints being teased on IG from Dam Funk, Moniquea, and more. We also played some exclusive music as well, including XL Middleton's song from the forthcoming Modern Funk Fest 7" (don't miss Modern Funk Fest June 16 at Grand Star!) and XL's long-lost collaboration with Jon B.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "In The Middle Of The Night" (to be included on the 2018 Modern Funk Fest 7" vinyl)

XL Middleton & Jon B. - "Whatever U Want" (EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED)