The PADcast / Episode #013: “Baby Got Facts”

The crew is in full force this week with the entire Slacker Pad proper - XL Middleton, Rev, Kevin, & Jonimal. Topics discussed include the new DJ Quik joint and a deep dive into his musical evolution (9:26). Does it sound right when legacy artists do the "now" sound in rap? The lady who called the cops on the BBQ in Oakland had to get discussed (20:50), as did the movement to pull certain controversial artists off Spotify (32:37). Rev fills the crew in on the serial date skipper who takes women on dates, orders food and drink then disappears before the bill comes (40:23). A different take on the Childish Gambino video is offered (45:58). While the Pad agrees that the message is great and necessary, are people still basic for being wowed by the visual? This leads into a potentially controversial conversation about white people appointing themselves as 'gatekeepers' of black culture (50:18). XL shares his original arrangement of a track he did with Dogg Master at the end of the podcast.

Music featured on this episode:

The Slacker Pad - "If"

XL Middleton / Dogg Master - "Dance With A Dog" (Original Version) - Unreleased