The PADcast / Episode #012: “The Bag / Drink Sneakers”

On this special episode of The PADcast, XL Middleton is joined by Rev, on the road for XL's mini tour through central and northern California. Recorded at their hotel in San Jose, XL & Rev detail the weekend turn-up-in-progress and go into life rants on various subjects, including why they dislike being addressed as "big man," why Medieval Times sucks (if you don't live near LA, you've probably got a comparable attraction in your area so you'll be able to relate), and the art of smuggling your own alcohol into the club. A few theoretical scenarios also get discussed, including what would happen if vintage guns became trendy in hip hop culture, and kids developing gambling problems at Chuck E. Cheese's. XL shares another exclusive track, never before heard publicly outside of a 15-second Instagram clip.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "Sessy Kind Of Girl" (Unreleased Exclusive)