The PADcast / Episode #011: “Is It A Choice?”

With Kanye's recent comments about "choice," we couldn't help but wonder if this episode's title is a little...basic? But nah, it's deeper than rap. Every day we're faced with choices...and "shituations." On this episode, XL, Matix, & Rev (sans Kevin) look back on their ill-fated, seldom-viewed imitation of The Game & Lil Wayne...paying tribute to Gary Coleman. WTF, we know, right? They uploaded it to YouTube 7 years ago and it still hasn't cracked 1,000 views. Gotta love it! But yo, XL's Game & Weezy voices are kind of scarily on point. XL talks about getting sampled on the latest DJ Fresh / Tonite Show mixtape and the Slacker Pad gets into sample theory at large. Rev seems to have controversial opinions on all the news this week. Don't get mad - Enjoy!

Music featured on this episode:

The Slacker Pad - The Game & Lil Wayne Gary Coleman Tribute

XL Middleton - Can't Help The Way I Feel

DJ Fresh/Mitchy Slick/Jay Worthy - Drakko