The PADcast / Episode #010: “Eggs Whisking”

Kevin Hustlehoff returns to The PADcast this week. Him and XL are joined by Rev & Sean Sense. The crew gets right to it, offering their takes on Kanye's support for Trump and the Bill Cosby conviction. Then it's on to the important stuff. What would you do if you saw somebody you know in a porno? A few stories come out of the vaults, like the time XL, Rev, & Sean attended a lyrically awkward audition to go on tour with a mildly successful R&B singer in the early 2000's. Further tales from XL's past are shared, including "holy" ghost writing for "the #3 gospel rap artist in America" and playing a live show in Hollywood on the evening of the 9/11 attacks. There's a few footnotes on the sex doll conversation from last week's episode to round things out.

Check out this episode to get your FIRST listen to a cut from Zackey Force Funk's "Bodyrock Shotgun" album, coming this summer from MoFunk Records.

Music featured on this episode:

BlackWest feat. XL Middleton - "I'm Just Sayin" (produced by xXx Productions) (UNRELEASED)

Lucas Arruda & Leon Ware - "Melt The Night" (XL Middleton Remix) (alternate version with additional synth work)

XL Middleton - "You're So Different"

XL Middleton & Sean Sense - "No Reason To Stop"

Zackey Force Funk - "Get The Gun" (produced by Adam Chini) (UNRELEASED)