The PADcast / Episode #009: “Slipping Up, LOL”

Jonimal & Kevin both called in sick for this episode of The PADcast, but XL Middleton is once again joined by Rev, plus the homie Sean Sense comes through to talk shit and promote his new release Hits From The Sawdust Joint. Things start off with absolutely no introduction, instead catching the gang right in the middle of another sex robot conversation. From there, they talk about jazz festivals and jazz fans. Speaking of fans, what musician's fans are the most rabid? Whose fans simply can't handle you suggesting that they're overrated or that you're just not feeling them? Mos Def, J Dilla, & Sublime are just a few of the names that get thrown into the ring on that topic. Other subjects covered include the current Starbucks controversy and people getting upset over their homies not liking their Instagram posts enough.

On this episode we played a LOT of exclusive music that hasn't been heard anywhere else. The PADcast is your first source to hear music from XL Middleton & crew that has yet to be released.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "We Gotta Go"

Moniquea - "His Lady"

I, Ced feat. Moniquea - "Percu" (XL Middleton Remix) - Unreleased

B. Bravo - "I'm For Real" (XL Middleton Remix)

Rev / XL Middleton - "40 Anywhere" - Unreleased

Sean Sense - "Hits From The Sawdust Joint" (assorted cuts from the album)