The PADcast / Episode #006: “She’s Just 16 Years Old”

First off, relax. This episode's title is a reference to the Benny Mardones song that you think you don't know but you totally do:

The Pad talks a lot about hip hop this episode, from Kendrick's funny voice fluctuations to Joyner Lucas' anthem for not-racist white people to old rappers doing the "kid flow." Oh, and of course the Tekashi interview on The Breakfast Club, because old guys in their 30's who barely listen to new rap are clearly the most qualified to tackle the subject. Speaking of new rap, XL talks about his recent trip to attend his first hip hop show in years, and about the incident that went down there. Hip hop aside, the crew discusses the possibility of "Tennessee Whiskey" being a secret cocaine anthem (1:03:32). Brandon stops by the podcast and talks about his first time meeting XL & the Slacker Pad, and why he was sure that they were the mafia (1:32:43). They finish with a discussion about the joys of "branding" and putting your "link in bio" (or Lincoln bio? Or Linked In bio? If you ask Kevin that is).