The PADcast / Episode #018: "Faithful Flying Fist Of Fury"

We started this one off by vibing to some of the fresh sounds from the new Sven Atterton album...and ROASTING Kevin Hustlehoff for missing yet another episode! A lot of music got covered, including the forthcoming Moniquea release on Omega Supreme Records (shout out Gwizski!). We had to talk about the Nas album again after having some time to really digest it more, and to let Matix get his thoughts in (28:46) before going into the Jay-Z/Beyonce album (36:25). Gears shift abruptly to a discussion on XXXtentacion and things get a little more serious (RIP). The bigger picture at hand - How crazy is it that people feel the need to go on the internet and cheer over someone being murdered? We particularly had to go in on the double standard coming from 'real hip hop heads' on the subject. Naturally the conversation moved towards conspiracy theories - why are people so eager to believe in them? (49:49). XL drops his GOAT list (56:24) which somehow leads into a conversation about LA's most prolific direct-to-consumer artist/CD seller, Won G (57:30). Finally we discussed the new Chromeo album (1:27:48) which got mixed reviews from the crew.

Aside from music, we reminisced about chirp phones (22:45) and listened to Rev's theories on why there's heavy traffic in LA (27:04) - Here's a hint: Rev says it's because everyone is on their way to the club. Riiight. What's the proper protocol if your woman is beating you up? How do you defend yourself without crossing the line? (53:30). A short talk about parents brawling at a softball game leads into a deep dive on parenting culture (1:16:50). We tackled the subject as well as 3 guys with no kids possibly can!

Music featured on this episode:

Sven Atterton - Reunion

Moniquea - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (coming from Omega Supreme Records August 3)

Jay-Z - Change Clothes (XL Middleton Remix)

XL Middleton - Wintertime In Cali