The PADcast / Episode #017: "Slacker Padvertising"


XL & Rev handle this episode as a duo - We had to record on an off night due to last weekend's Modern Funk Fest so Kevin & Jon couldn't make it. We tried to be nice and not roast them for flaking, with mixed results! We started out with a recap of MFF (5:10) at Chinatown's Grand Star Jazz Club where we discussed the peculiar lack of jazz there. XL finally had a Lyft driver ask if he wants to hear his mixtape (11:16), which naturally leads into a fresh round of Uber war stories from Rev. XL & Rev listened to the new Nas RIGHT before recording the podcast so they offer their very fresh takes on the album (26:45). XL drops a stunning revelation about Star Wars (35:27) before launching into a 20-year late discussion about the "Suge shot me" moment on the Makaveli album (39:00).

We talked about the Jay-Z/Beyonce project/photo series (?) (40:30) and speculate on it with no real knowledge, because that's how we do! Rev brings up a classic Slacker Pad topic - should the only NBA players to get paid be the ones who win the championship? (45:06) We reminisced on some of west coast rap's weaker moments (56:11) and had a few laughs before pondering a more serious question - what if you could see all the alcohol you've ever consumed in one container? (1:11:35) The World Cup inspires Rev to go into a tirade about soccer and soccer fans (1:14:57). Considering that we were still recovering from Modern Funk Fest when we recorded, this episode is jam packed with jokes and musings on music and life!

Music featured on this episode:

Throwback Zack - Teezy's Groove III

Moniquea - All The Time (Unreleased, dropping June 29!)