The PADcast / Episode #016: "Bitter Wave"

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XL & The Slacker Pad check in on Kevin Hustlehoff after the rough weekend that caused him to miss out on the last episode. Plenty of music & music issues get discussed: Daz's new video dissing Kanye, the evolution of Snoop, did DJ Quik give Jay-Z a dud on The Black Album? Drake taking the "L" from Pusha T, and more. XL plays new music from the homie/world famous popper Kid Boogie/Kay Bee and reflects on going to high school together. What the hell is up with producers calling themselves "Such & Such On The Beat"? Is the combination of rap & rock just something that doesn't work? What was up with the mid-to-late 90's hip hop obsession with cowboys?

Life topics that get discussed on this episode: What really constitutes sexual harassment? Is it mean to laugh from a safe distance when you see your ex's new relationships going south? Are vape olympics really a thing?

Modern Funk Fest going down Saturday, June 16 at Grand Star in Chinatown. Pull up!

Music featured on this episode:

Beath - Dreams From Last Night

Bus Crates - You Got Me (feat. Laura Benack)

Kay Bee & Kzyboost - We Came To Bring The Funk

Michele Manzo - Movin' On (feat. Moniquea)