The PADcast / Episode #034: "The VHS Canister"

The final episode of our Europe Bonus series is named after an E-40 song. Props if you know which one! Then we talked about a bunch of disjointed stuff from porn and chocolate shakes to the fact that the US is the only country where you can have medical insurance and still pay less for a new pair of glasses with a Groupon. Tune in and get ready for new episodes of the PADcast in 2 weeks!

The PADcast / Episode #033: "Six More Years"

It's episode 3/4 of our Europe Bonus series. Rev & XL Middleton sit down and discuss life. Rev breaks down his infamous mantra "life ain't nothing but a porno & a come up." XL premiered another new edit from an upcoming release and broke down a little more life theory on edits in general, and how people use edits to attach their names to music they didn't make. XL & Rev reminisce on homies from Pasadena trying to structure their record labels as non-profit organizations and how funny that was.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - I Will Be There (Edit, UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE)

The PADcast / Episode #032: "Beat 'Em & Join 'Em"

For part 2/4 of our Europe Bonus series, Brandon joined us and the low key bitter wave commenced. We complained about living in a society where everybody smiles at each other for no reason, and tried to dissect why it's irritating when people constantly ask for recommendations on Facebook.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - Better Friend (feat. Moniquea)

XL Middleton - Prelude To The Invasion

XL Middleton - Time Out (Edit, UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE)

The PADcast / Episode #031: "The Revolution Will Be Monetized"

Welcome to part 1 of 4 in our "Europe Bonus" series of episodes that we recorded prior to XL leaving so we could continue to bring you fresh content while the tour is going on. XL talked about his recent experience eating edibles for the first time and played an exclusive song from his next album.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "Unstoppable" (UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE)

The PADcast / Episode #030: "Taking A Break From America"

Listen in as XL Middleton, Matix, Kevin Hustlehoff, and Brandon (taking the place of Rev who was out this week) talk about the future of the podcast itself. We wondered, why do we always talk about hip hop when we clearly don't know shit about it? Much of our 90's golden era knowledge has faded and we finally had the courage to admit it. Aaaaand then we talked about hip hop again. We wondered when the idea of rappers "selling out" stopped being a thing. XL actually found a Black Eyed Peas song he likes. We talked about why boxing culture is the worst, and why American sports culture in general is the worst. That led us into a greater convo about how and why American culture at large pushes the myth of what makes a "real man." Hint - It's more guns and football than integrity and kindness. XL's excited to get away from all that madness for him and Moniquea's Europe tour.

Music featured on this episode:

Max Kane & Trailer Limon - "Ego Death" (Omega Supreme Records)

The PADcast / Episode #029 (Pt. 2): "Fight Back!"

We're giving you a special two-part episode this week! This second half was recorded after XL got back from Portland and checked out the first part. He responded with his own review of Eminem's "Kamikaze" album. Did it really deserve all the praise that the crew gave it during Pt. 1? XL also breaks down the difference between serious creation and "elevated kick it sessions," where people come together under the premise of creating but are really more interested in chilling, drinking, and smoking. Where does one draw the line and where does The PADcast fall on that spectrum? As always, it's an entertaining peek into the mind of your favorite neighborhood modern funkster and the crew.

Music featured on this episode:

Polyester The Saint - "Can I Put The Whip In Yo Name"

G-Nof - "Partly Cloudy"

The PADcast / Episode #029 (Pt. 1): "The Slacker Pad Presents XL Middleton Presents The PADcast"

With XL in Portland for Modern Funk Fest, Rev, Matix, & Kev took it upon themselves to record an episode on their own. Much of this episode is devoted to a review of the surprise Eminem album that dropped recently. Like, much of this episode. Aside from that, Rev talked about the dangers of Ubering while tired. The Pad dropped some life game for better navigating Xvideos. Pay attention fellas!

The PADcast / Episode #028: "Whyfully" (Bonus Episode From Last Week)

XL was in Portland over the weekend so we're giving you some bonus content from our Episode #027 session. Rev makes a stunning entrance about half way through and the crew talks about a few things we know you'll relate to: Why record stores need to have plastic bags instead of paper, awkwardness in the Uber pool, and some drama from the last decade over burnt CD's. No music on this episode, just straight talk!

The PADcast / Episode #027: "Edit Bag"

It's another episode of sophisticated music and highly unsophisticated conversation between XL Middleton, Rev, Matix, & Kevin Hustlehoff. We did an event recap of the Hit+Run party where XL DJ'ed and Zackey Force Funk performed live. We told classic stories of Rev hangovers and he also started a new segment, Rev's Question Of The Week. We discussed old rappers pushing weed dispensaries and the now-defunct hoe stroll on Colorado Boulevard. You're sure to either get some laughs out of this episode or get put on to your new jam of the week. Hopefully both?

Listen to The PADcast on Soundcloud:

Music featured on this episode:

Jeff Lorber Fusion - "Pasadena City"

Dam Funk - "Bounce"

The Jack Moves - "Money Clouds"

Ghostface Killah - "Saigon Velour" (feat. Snoop Dogg & E-40)

XL Middleton - "Cool Minute" (UNRELEASED DROPPING 9/29!!!)

The PADcast / Episode #026: "The Green Room"

XL, Rev, & Matix recap the Echo Park Rising edition of Modern Funk Fest (sans Kevin Hustlehoff, who's getting bolder with his excuses for not coming to the podcast - or lack thereof!). From there, the crew gets deep into their music bag, with XL sharing a bunch of new music he's been listening to and letting that spark the conversation, which includes discussions about how rappers aren't cool anymore for blowing weed smoke around in music videos since it's legal, a little history on the Pasadena record shops that vinyl nerds might have missed out on, and a shallow dive on whether or not talkboxing is overdone in funk music (we plan to unpack this more on a future episode, things are sure to get spicy!).

Music featured on this episode:

Kool Customer (B. Bravo & Rojai) - Blackberry

Shiro Schwarz - Under The Moonlight


Denzel Curry - Cash Maniac (prod. Mickey de Grand)

N8NOFACE - Vegas

Adonis DaHottest - Early In The Morning (feat. Skeewbee D)

Adonis DaHottest - Daygo Stick (feat. B. Slade)