The PADcast / Episode #017: "Slacker Padvertising"


XL & Rev handle this episode as a duo - We had to record on an off night due to last weekend's Modern Funk Fest so Kevin & Jon couldn't make it. We tried to be nice and not roast them for flaking, with mixed results! We started out with a recap of MFF (5:10) at Chinatown's Grand Star Jazz Club where we discussed the peculiar lack of jazz there. XL finally had a Lyft driver ask if he wants to hear his mixtape (11:16), which naturally leads into a fresh round of Uber war stories from Rev. XL & Rev listened to the new Nas RIGHT before recording the podcast so they offer their very fresh takes on the album (26:45). XL drops a stunning revelation about Star Wars (35:27) before launching into a 20-year late discussion about the "Suge shot me" moment on the Makaveli album (39:00).

We talked about the Jay-Z/Beyonce project/photo series (?) (40:30) and speculate on it with no real knowledge, because that's how we do! Rev brings up a classic Slacker Pad topic - should the only NBA players to get paid be the ones who win the championship? (45:06) We reminisced on some of west coast rap's weaker moments (56:11) and had a few laughs before pondering a more serious question - what if you could see all the alcohol you've ever consumed in one container? (1:11:35) The World Cup inspires Rev to go into a tirade about soccer and soccer fans (1:14:57). Considering that we were still recovering from Modern Funk Fest when we recorded, this episode is jam packed with jokes and musings on music and life!

Music featured on this episode:

Throwback Zack - Teezy's Groove III

Moniquea - All The Time (Unreleased, dropping June 29!)

The PADcast / Episode #016: "Bitter Wave"

padcast new graphic.JPG

XL & The Slacker Pad check in on Kevin Hustlehoff after the rough weekend that caused him to miss out on the last episode. Plenty of music & music issues get discussed: Daz's new video dissing Kanye, the evolution of Snoop, did DJ Quik give Jay-Z a dud on The Black Album? Drake taking the "L" from Pusha T, and more. XL plays new music from the homie/world famous popper Kid Boogie/Kay Bee and reflects on going to high school together. What the hell is up with producers calling themselves "Such & Such On The Beat"? Is the combination of rap & rock just something that doesn't work? What was up with the mid-to-late 90's hip hop obsession with cowboys?

Life topics that get discussed on this episode: What really constitutes sexual harassment? Is it mean to laugh from a safe distance when you see your ex's new relationships going south? Are vape olympics really a thing?

Modern Funk Fest going down Saturday, June 16 at Grand Star in Chinatown. Pull up!

Music featured on this episode:

Beath - Dreams From Last Night

Bus Crates - You Got Me (feat. Laura Benack)

Kay Bee & Kzyboost - We Came To Bring The Funk

Michele Manzo - Movin' On (feat. Moniquea)

The PADcast / Episode #015: “Get The Numbers”

Kevin Hustlehoff called out sick again for this episode (nice job Hustling), and the Slacker Pad wasn't having it, in spite of his triple-pronged arsenal of excuses. After going in for a good 15 minutes, it was time to talk music. Yes, even old farts like us have opinions about the Pusha T & Drake beef. We also discussed the Kanye album even though not everybody in the room listened to it. Eh, you can piece together enough info from memes to make educated guesses on any subject these days. We covered a few current events too, such as Roseanne getting canceled and a bizarre story about a dude jacking off on a plane. We'll blame Rev for bringing that one up.

A few debates came up during this episode too, and the opinions shared may surprise you. The Chronic or Doggystyle? LA Mexican food or San Diego Mexican food?

We played another exclusive, unheard joint from the Zackey Force Funk album. Bodyrock Shotgun dropping July 20 on MoFunk Records!

Music featured on this episode:

Stimulator Jones - "Water Slide"

Koolade - "Reminisce Sunshine"

Zackey Force Funk - "Part Time Lover" (prod. by Throwback Zack) EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED

The PADcast / Episode #014: “All These Mumble Rappers”

The title of this week's episode centers around making fun of people in our 'old fart' age range (mid 30's that is) who sit on social media complaining about new music, with special regard to trap/mumble rap. We cover a lot of other ground too, including a wide range of music, from Pusha T & Black Thought to new joints being teased on IG from Dam Funk, Moniquea, and more. We also played some exclusive music as well, including XL Middleton's song from the forthcoming Modern Funk Fest 7" (don't miss Modern Funk Fest June 16 at Grand Star!) and XL's long-lost collaboration with Jon B.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "In The Middle Of The Night" (to be included on the 2018 Modern Funk Fest 7" vinyl)

XL Middleton & Jon B. - "Whatever U Want" (EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED)

The PADcast / Episode #013: “Baby Got Facts”

The crew is in full force this week with the entire Slacker Pad proper - XL Middleton, Rev, Kevin, & Jonimal. Topics discussed include the new DJ Quik joint and a deep dive into his musical evolution (9:26). Does it sound right when legacy artists do the "now" sound in rap? The lady who called the cops on the BBQ in Oakland had to get discussed (20:50), as did the movement to pull certain controversial artists off Spotify (32:37). Rev fills the crew in on the serial date skipper who takes women on dates, orders food and drink then disappears before the bill comes (40:23). A different take on the Childish Gambino video is offered (45:58). While the Pad agrees that the message is great and necessary, are people still basic for being wowed by the visual? This leads into a potentially controversial conversation about white people appointing themselves as 'gatekeepers' of black culture (50:18). XL shares his original arrangement of a track he did with Dogg Master at the end of the podcast.

Music featured on this episode:

The Slacker Pad - "If"

XL Middleton / Dogg Master - "Dance With A Dog" (Original Version) - Unreleased

The PADcast / Episode #012: “The Bag / Drink Sneakers”

On this special episode of The PADcast, XL Middleton is joined by Rev, on the road for XL's mini tour through central and northern California. Recorded at their hotel in San Jose, XL & Rev detail the weekend turn-up-in-progress and go into life rants on various subjects, including why they dislike being addressed as "big man," why Medieval Times sucks (if you don't live near LA, you've probably got a comparable attraction in your area so you'll be able to relate), and the art of smuggling your own alcohol into the club. A few theoretical scenarios also get discussed, including what would happen if vintage guns became trendy in hip hop culture, and kids developing gambling problems at Chuck E. Cheese's. XL shares another exclusive track, never before heard publicly outside of a 15-second Instagram clip.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "Sessy Kind Of Girl" (Unreleased Exclusive)

The PADcast / Episode #011: “Is It A Choice?”

With Kanye's recent comments about "choice," we couldn't help but wonder if this episode's title is a little...basic? But nah, it's deeper than rap. Every day we're faced with choices...and "shituations." On this episode, XL, Matix, & Rev (sans Kevin) look back on their ill-fated, seldom-viewed imitation of The Game & Lil Wayne...paying tribute to Gary Coleman. WTF, we know, right? They uploaded it to YouTube 7 years ago and it still hasn't cracked 1,000 views. Gotta love it! But yo, XL's Game & Weezy voices are kind of scarily on point. XL talks about getting sampled on the latest DJ Fresh / Tonite Show mixtape and the Slacker Pad gets into sample theory at large. Rev seems to have controversial opinions on all the news this week. Don't get mad - Enjoy!

Music featured on this episode:

The Slacker Pad - The Game & Lil Wayne Gary Coleman Tribute

XL Middleton - Can't Help The Way I Feel

DJ Fresh/Mitchy Slick/Jay Worthy - Drakko

The PADcast / Episode #010: “Eggs Whisking”

Kevin Hustlehoff returns to The PADcast this week. Him and XL are joined by Rev & Sean Sense. The crew gets right to it, offering their takes on Kanye's support for Trump and the Bill Cosby conviction. Then it's on to the important stuff. What would you do if you saw somebody you know in a porno? A few stories come out of the vaults, like the time XL, Rev, & Sean attended a lyrically awkward audition to go on tour with a mildly successful R&B singer in the early 2000's. Further tales from XL's past are shared, including "holy" ghost writing for "the #3 gospel rap artist in America" and playing a live show in Hollywood on the evening of the 9/11 attacks. There's a few footnotes on the sex doll conversation from last week's episode to round things out.

Check out this episode to get your FIRST listen to a cut from Zackey Force Funk's "Bodyrock Shotgun" album, coming this summer from MoFunk Records.

Music featured on this episode:

BlackWest feat. XL Middleton - "I'm Just Sayin" (produced by xXx Productions) (UNRELEASED)

Lucas Arruda & Leon Ware - "Melt The Night" (XL Middleton Remix) (alternate version with additional synth work)

XL Middleton - "You're So Different"

XL Middleton & Sean Sense - "No Reason To Stop"

Zackey Force Funk - "Get The Gun" (produced by Adam Chini) (UNRELEASED)

The PADcast / Episode #009: “Slipping Up, LOL”

Jonimal & Kevin both called in sick for this episode of The PADcast, but XL Middleton is once again joined by Rev, plus the homie Sean Sense comes through to talk shit and promote his new release Hits From The Sawdust Joint. Things start off with absolutely no introduction, instead catching the gang right in the middle of another sex robot conversation. From there, they talk about jazz festivals and jazz fans. Speaking of fans, what musician's fans are the most rabid? Whose fans simply can't handle you suggesting that they're overrated or that you're just not feeling them? Mos Def, J Dilla, & Sublime are just a few of the names that get thrown into the ring on that topic. Other subjects covered include the current Starbucks controversy and people getting upset over their homies not liking their Instagram posts enough.

On this episode we played a LOT of exclusive music that hasn't been heard anywhere else. The PADcast is your first source to hear music from XL Middleton & crew that has yet to be released.

Music featured on this episode:

XL Middleton - "We Gotta Go"

Moniquea - "His Lady"

I, Ced feat. Moniquea - "Percu" (XL Middleton Remix) - Unreleased

B. Bravo - "I'm For Real" (XL Middleton Remix)

Rev / XL Middleton - "40 Anywhere" - Unreleased

Sean Sense - "Hits From The Sawdust Joint" (assorted cuts from the album)

The PADcast / Episode #008: “Witcho Bitch Ass”

The illustrious and infamous Rev rejoins The PADcast again, as does Brandon. The gang has an in-depth conversation about the inconsistency of the portrayal of zombies, and offer their hot takes on whether or not Krispy Kreme is the best donut. As for music talk, Taylor Swift's Earth Wind & Fire cover gets mixed reviews, and it leads the Pad into a broader conversation about the plague that is acoustic covers. This naturally leads into a conversation about Echo Park Rising (an LA music festival for those that don't know), and XL recounts his time as a DJ there. Somehow the Tekashi in LA thing gets brought up again, and this goes into a bigger discussion about "checking in." Rev gives some helpful life hacks on how to drive for Uber and not have to pull over for bathroom breaks. It's another great episode about nothing, listen in!